The first release is out! 1.316 12.02.2021
Added new movie - Mery. 20.02.2021
Fixed scale text, symmetrical position. 1.327 22.02.2021
Examples have been added to the Picker Builder. 1.330 27.02.2021
Fixed bug with Qt. Added loading picker from gear menu. 1.341 5.03.2021
Changed gui, added tips. 1.357 15.03.2021
Changed folder structure in installation zip,
so you need download again (update won't work).
1.359 31.03.2021
Support maya 2022, faster analyze, added reload button, fixed bugs. 1.363 27.04.2021
Updated gui of Picker and Viewer, add scripst buttons, add top menu. 1.388 12.07.2021
Add min max size of patterns controls. 1.390 22.10.2021
Added Splitter for patterns, sorting and colorize by weight, init template, select pattern in PV by Alt-DoubleClicking 1.422 21.02.2022
Added Live mode, Support maya 2023, integrated PViewer in PBuilder, maintance position for IKFK swithing (Alt -DoubleClick, only for RP solver - arms, legs) , sending logs to support 1.445 15.07.2022
Fixed undo and live mode, updated pickers 1.450 2.08.2022

supprot maya 2024
added support colorRGB for controls
fix little bugs
1.453 13.08.2023