Picker Builder :

  • analyzes rig structure
  • recognizes body and face parts
  • finds fingers controls
  • renders character silhouette
  • generates selection sets by forward-inverse kinematic attributes
  • lays out all controls to avoid intersection

Picker Viewer (free) :

    Edit mode :
  • add a custom scripts items on MEL or python language
  • copy-paste scripts items between characters
  • add a custom oblects (locators, cameras)
  • create custom selection sets
  • apply styles to all controls and create your own styles
  • move, rotate and scale blocks and controls
  • align controls horizontally and vertically
  • hold Alt for symmetry
  • apply symmetry for selected or all controls
  • offset hue, saturation, values of colors
   Animation mode :
  • move and rotate characters controls inside Picker
  • select controls by hierarchy by scroll mouse wheel
  • shows inputs of attributes by color outlines (animation, constrain, blend, inputs)
  • channel box mode - change attributes for all selected controls or by one
  • isolate view for whole character