The first license - 40 $, each next - 20 $ .
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Google Pay visa Mastercard webmoney
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License is unlimited.
Picker Builder is bound to the mac-address of the machine.
You can change the mac-address in your personal account.

Video Tutorial

To buy a license, you need:
  1. Register(You can use your google Google or googleFacebook account).
  2. After you are registered, you can buy licenses here or in your  personal account.
  3. After the payment is complete - in your personal account fields will appear for entering mac- addresses.
  4. Download and install the Picker Builder if you haven`t done it yet.
  5. Get a mac-address by press RMB on the Picker Builder icon on shelf or in menu and choose “Get mac-address”
  6. Press “Copy to clipboard” and go to your personal account and paste it.
  7. Also you can fill in the field name of your machine - for example - “Work Linux” or “Home Windows”.
  8. Press “Save changes” .
  9. You can work offline after the first launch of Picker Builder.