Picker Viewer: Edit .

To edit the picker , press Edit .

------------------------------ ISOLATE PARTITIONS--------------------------------

When you   on the top bar of the partition , only this partition will be displayed.

To return back,  again.

------------------------------ EDIT--------------------------------

in Edit mode you can:

---------------------------------- SETS --------------------------------

Selection sets are used to select a group of controls 

In the Edit mode, it does not work;

you need   and choose “select ctrls” from the menu.

You can also create new selection sets, replace existing ones, add a text .  

---------------------------------STYLES  ----------------------------------

The STYLE button opens the styles management window .

The styles are applied by sides - left, right, middle.

Initial style - return origin colors of controls.

You can also change the color of patterns (which is visible when you check the type box).

Mode is a blend method between type color and color of control itself ( over, mix, mult, add).

The color of individual controls must be adjusted after applying the style.

The style also specifies:

To edit gradient :

---------------------------- SAVE ----------------------------------------

After all corrections, press Edit again.

The picker is saved by binding to the Assets file name.

so, it is possible to change the namespace of the asset.