Picker Viewer: Animation

------------------------------ ISOLATE PARTITIONS--------------------------------

Each partition has its own selection set  (at the top).

When you  on it , only this partition will be displayed.

To return back,  again.


Next about the top checkboxes:

------------------------------ SELECT --------------------------------

You can

------------------------------ POSE CHARACTER --------------------------------

Controls can be manipulated with   in the picker itself  (press the W, E  button before).

When rotating with Alt holding, the rotation occurs in the plane of the screen.

Double-clicking on FKIK controls switches the FKIK mode.

Transformation works in persp camera.

Important - to cancel manipulations in the picker by pressing Ctrl-Z you have to press when the cursor is in the picker area.

------------------------------ CHANNEL BOX  --------------------------------

There is also the Channel Box mode in the picker, which is activated  .

The list of objects is on the left, and the list of attributes is on the right.

You may change attributes of all objects by moving the cursor to the left or to the right, or to select an attribute for each object separately.

Thank you for your attention.