Picker Builder:

To start with, you must load the asset as a reference with namespace.

The namespace itself does not matter. The PB is linked to the filename.

All asset information is saved in “...\Documents\maya\scripts\PickerBuilder\assets_pickers”.

 You can change this folder in the menu Settings.

Assets should be in default position ( T-pose)  at the beginning of coordinates.

Run PB  , select asset in the list and press .

------------------------------ SWITCH ATTRIBUTES --------------------------------

Firstly  PB looks for all visible controls and attributes responsible for switching between forward and inverse kinematics.

If the  PB  does not find these attributes, you can specify them manually.

To do this, select an attribute in the Channel Box  and click .

Then specify its type from the drop-down list .

The picker recognizes only  visible controls  or

 controls that become visible when the above attributes are switched.

Recognizable type of controls:  nurbsCurve, nurbsSurface, mesh.

You can save these attributes and load them next time .

Then we press .

------------------------------ PARTITIONS--------------------------------

The PB analyzes the hierarchy of the asset and groups the controls by patterns.

Skin cluster nodes are disabled during hierarchy scanning. To disabled it - set on (it useful for face controls)

The patterns are grouped in partitions. By default it is Body and Face.

To create your own partition  press.

To rename the partition  double click on name in table.

You can save partitions with patterns and load next time.

Each partition  has.

For convenience, the “Rotate X Y Z” buttons rotate the camera 180 degrees.

------------------------------ POSE--------------------------------

You can set the character in any position. You can save the pose for convenience and load it next time.

You can also set all controls to the FK or IK position.

------------------------------ PATTERNS --------------------------------

Most of the patterns are searched by name mask.

To select objects in pattern press on second column (named  select)

Patterns can be added, removed, and moved between blocks.

To add  pattern :

You can move patterns in other partitions by drag n drop .

When you delete a pattern, all its controls are moved to the “Rest” pattern.

Some patterns need to be considered separately.

  PB searches for them by rule when a control has 3 or more children.

You can change this number here  and then press   again.

 If this rule does not work, PB  tries to find them by template names ( index, mid, pink ...) .

 If this does not work either then try to check “ use Rest” .

For each pattern, you can specify a different type of display ( shape), minimum and maximum size of controls (in pixels) and color.

The color of the pattern is visible when the checkbox  is enabled (in Picker Viewer).

------------------------------ OBJECTS--------------------------------

The controls in the patterns

All controls that do not belong to other patterns fall into the “Rest” pattern.

------------------------------ BUILD --------------------------------

After all the adjustments we press .

If you are satisfied with the overall picture of the picker,  we can move to Picker Viewer.

If not - make changes and press Build picker again.